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About us!

Our farm began as a home school project 27 years ago. We started with a little fenced garden little in the backyard. We grew a few flowers and veggies to sell at the Bayview farmers market. Over the years we hired family to work with us as the farm grew to about 3 acres.

Josh and sign.jpg
Josh and sign.jpg


Our son Josh and I started the farm when he was just 12 years old. Over the years we saw the need for fresh, local, organically grown produce. Part of our mission was and has been to offer to the community fresh healthy produce.

Community Supported Agriculture

This year we are offering a small CSA to those looking for an alternative to buying over priced, old produce from the grocery store. Our CSA will be mid-June through mid October. Our subscribers will come by once a week and pick up a box of freshly harvested produce from our farm. If you would like information about our CSA, please contact Lois.

Image by Shelley Pauls
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